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“We’re excited so see a high level of satisfaction measured through our internal tools and independent research.” 

John Cotterell, Chief Executive, Endava



To make sure we deliver the highest possible value, we measure our clients’ level of satisfaction through periodic internal surveys.


Customer Satisfaction Surveys

We are committed to developing strong relationships that result in multi-year engagements by acting as a reliable strategic partner for our global clients. To make sure we deliver the highest possible value across all of our geographies, we measure our clients’ level of satisfaction through periodic surveys.

We built a proprietary tool to measure CSAT. We aggregate all our clients responses, and make them available to everyone in Endava. This ensures complete transparency at company, account, and project level and helps us better understand how happy our clients are with our level of service. We use this valuable information to provides our delivery teams with the actionable insights they need to improve.


View the results of our CSAT survey here.

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How we use feedback

Our tool automatically categorises the responses received into Kudos, Red Flags, and To Improve. Using this easy-to-understand system, we determine who, in which project or area of a project needs to improve what and with what level of urgency. 

We also share these insights with each of our clients through reports and by engaging with them individually to better focus our continuous improvement efforts. Over time, we’ve seen the best improvements and most impactful changes take place in projects where we work together with our clients to define and implement a joint improvement plan.

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