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Business Analysis

Our agile business and technical analysts work hard to develop unique domain expertise, allowing them to engage as product owners or trusted proxy product owners. They add immense value to complex projects by acting as the mediator between business functions and their technology teams. Our ability to fully understand both the business needs and industry landscape means that we are able to take responsibility for — and drive forward — our clients' products and platforms.

Data & Analytics

Data is one of the most valuable assets that your company possesses. Extracting value from large volumes of structured or unstructured data and transforming it into a competitive advantage is an essential part of delivering high-value business change. We can help you identify, define, and implement comprehensive data and analytics strategies, which enhance your productivity and profitability through traditional Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Big Data platforms, Analytics and Visualisation, or the implementation of Data Governance underpinned by Data Strategy.

Digital Product Strategy

We can help you turn your early ideas and solutions to business challenges into prototypes and market-ready products to create results that excite your business, users, and customers. Our process involves ideation workshops, qualitative and quantitative user research, competitor analysis, user journeys, maps, stories, product development for market scale, rapid prototyping, and design concepts. We can also create sales materials and strategic roadmaps for products, and conduct user tests for product improvements.

Private Equity Value Enhancement

To help you optimise the value technology adds to your investment we provide a range of strategic and operational improvement services that are designed to accelerate and de-risk technology change while you deliver your growth agenda. These services include programme assurance, strategy and roadmap services and cybersecurity reviews among others. 

Programme Management

Through our extensive enterprise programme experience, our teams will manage our clients' business and technology change agendas against the pressures of cost, time, scope, capability, and culture. We assist in achieving transformational change by providing expertise in both structuring and executing successful change programmes throughout the full end-to-end transformation lifecycle. We create the right environment for change, including effective sponsorship, governance, and agile ways of working.

Technology Strategy

Our expertise and deep experience allows us to select the best, most sustainable tools and technologies to fit your business ambitions, as well as design the future state of your organisation’s technology landscape. Through a thorough analysis of a business' application estate and by delivering executable IT strategies, we can provide readiness assessments that explain what needs to change and why, across the engineering, architecture, and infrastructure arenas. We generate technology change portfolios, for both short and long-term scenarios, and digital imperatives to provide you with immediately executable steps to implement a digital strategy and maximise the impact of new technology trends.


Organisations across all industries need to deliver business value faster in the context of complex systems landscapes, changing business processes, and multiple evolving engagement channels including web, mobile, and IoT. We can help rapidly modernise your technology systems to meet these challenges. Architecture is a key enabler to accomplish this by helping you achieve alignment, simplification, and key qualities such as security, scalability, and resilience. We can help you with assessments, owning the architecture story in distributed agile projects, and providing experienced, hands-on capability through execution. 

Extended Reality

We can help you utilise Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to deliver strong motivational and emotional experiences for your customers and employees. Our VR solutions can bring training to life, helping your business become safer and more efficient. They can help you to truly design, visualise, and showcase products in interactive 3D, and can facilitate immersive brand experiences. AR enhances the real world in intelligent ways by layering  contextually-relevant information over a user’s view. Our AR capabilities can help to support your e-commerce, marketing, training, maintenance, and remote communication needs.

Machine Learning & AI

Using ML and AI, we can create new business value through enhanced automation, with past projects that have included classifying documents for business process management to retrieve information from financial contracts, forecasting risk, recommending tasks using written visit reports in healthcare, churn prediction for the private equity industry, and classifying emails for IT service support chatbots. ML and AI implementations allow talented individuals to focus on more strategic activities, and enhance their ability to deliver at a higher level in their roles.

Product Design

We can help you create innovative customer experiences and new business capabilities. We can fill strategy gaps, establish product propositions, and guide UX and design across web, mobile, and bespoke platforms. We perform stakeholder and customer interviews, multi-actor/multi-channel journey mapping, service design mapping, and competitor analysis. To mitigate risk and validate propositions and design decisions, we create, test, and iterate on POCs and prototypes. We measure performance after launch against established success metrics and use data-driven evolution to continuously improve your product. 

User Experience Design

Successful user experience design creates a harmony between the goals of the business and the needs and desires of your customers and/or users in such a way that it delivers value to all audiences. We deliver this through continuous user research, interviews, prototyping, testing, and iteration to understand and empathise with users throughout their journeys on web-based and mobile applications. Beyond product launches, we see value in a regular cadence of measuring, hypothesising, designing, and deploying to continuously improve KPIs. 

Visual Design

We can aid you by creating meaningful experiences that support your products and services and that have the power to adapt and evolve. We can generate symbols, typography, colour schemes, iconography, illustrations, animations, film, and 3D graphics, as well as comprehensive brand style guides to exhibit and fortify your endeavours. Our approach allows us to create immersive, memorable, and magical connections, with no boundary between ‘digital’ and ‘real’.

Automated Testing

We can help you with projects involving test automation at scale, testing to support rapid and reliable deployments, performance tests, and more. We integrate test frameworks for automation, performance, and security testing into the CI/CD pipeline, so that tests are executed as soon as there is a code change, providing immediate feedback, reducing project delays, and improving time to market. Our testing frameworks execute across the application architecture, reducing your dependency on slower and more expensive UI-oriented testing.

Cloud Native Software Engineering

To truly take advantage of a cloud computing delivery model, it’s important to think beyond just ‘hosting’ capabilities. We design and build applications that take advantage of cloud platform features for maximum impact, such as dynamic scaling (elasticity), durability, and high availability. We can also help make your existing on-premises applications ready for deployment onto the cloud, by actively refactoring the code using microservices and containerisation, rather than a lift and shift approach, which can often miss out on all the associated cloud native benefits. 

Continuous Delivery

In the fast-paced environment of digital products, bringing new features to customers and adapting quickly to market changes is a key business differentiator. Our Continuous Delivery engineering practices streamline the idea-to-production cycle in a safe, fast, reliable, and repeatable manner. We can help you improve your lead times by architecting for Continuous Delivery and automating pipelines, deployment, testing, data migration, infrastructure, and monitoring.

Distributed Agile Delivery

By maintaining a mindset focused on people, processes, and technology, our skills and years of experience can help you deliver large agile development projects. We scale agile development using our own agile scaling framework, which we have developed from our experience on large-scale client projects. Our cross-functional scrum teams can be distributed across several locations, and we often integrate client teams into our projects. We collaborate using technology such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery tools, wikis, video conferencing, and chat platforms, which all help our high-performance distributed teams be more effective.

Intelligent Automation

Automation has always been the core purpose of enterprise IT. We can help you move from inflexible IT automation to Intelligent Automation, which focuses on business and user needs, and on delivering consistent, measurable value. From employing more traditional techniques like RPA to cutting-edge methods centred around cognitive computing elements like machine learning, natural language understanding and processing, and computer vision, we deliver automation projects such as cognitive business process automation, document and image processing and analytics, chatbots, and IoT-based automations that enable businesses to recognise more efficiency and lead to better outcomes.

Secure Development

In the connected world, security has become one of the most critical risk factors you face. We deliver all aspects of secure development to protect your data and systems. We build security thinking into our software development lifecycle by investing in our people, tools, and processes, so that these systems are secure by design. Together, we can mitigate the risks of security threats and attacks through a holistic and intrinsic view of system architecture and risk assessment.

Agile Application Management

We can optimise and improve the value of your application estate. We mitigate risk and increase the quality and reliability of applications by ensuring they meet the latest market standards and by enhancing them with new features. We can help you optimise your business by evaluating, improving agility, and driving continuous improvement in your existing application estate, and reduce time to market by driving up the reliability, predictability, and efficiency of application change.

Cloud Infrastructure

Our strong experience in cloud security, cost management, and optimisation can help you use cloud services in the best possible manner. We cover the cloud journey’s full lifecycle with our strengths and partnerships across AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Our culture is rooted in an Automation-First approach favouring Infrastructure-as-Code, and emphasising DevOps principles in how we work. Our capabilities include cloud migrations and hybrid solutions, and we can support you in all stages of migration and adoption.


Complementing Endava’s commitment to agile delivery, our teams also use a DevOps approach to continuous and cross-functional collaboration between Development and Operations specialists. We leverage the best Continuous Delivery tools and techniques and can help you push through the traditional SDLC to encompass a Continuous Security approach as well. We also can provide you with strategic advisory, capability assessment, and architecture services for Enterprise DevOps and DevSecOps adoption.

Service Delivery

Operational IT ecosystems require services to be designed so that they can adapt and scale to business demands while providing assurance of service quality and reliability. We can help you with your service delivery challenges by understanding your service needs and the interactions of your operational teams. This allows us to recommend and manage industry best practice standards, policies, tools, and grades of service. Our Service Delivery Framework can help you with Organisation & Governance, Service Design, Operational Excellence, Customer Experiences, and Continual Service Improvement.

Smart Desk

Our Smart Desk provides a single point of contact to all end-users through a unified communications hub, so we can ensure you receive appropriate support in a timely manner. This includes the coordination of all end-user services, 3rd parties, and internal support teams for an excellent customer experience and seamless collaboration between all customer suppliers. We regularly achieve 9.6 out of 10 for customer satisfaction, with more than 70% of tickets resolved on first contact.

Telemetry & Monitoring

When outages occur, they hinder your customers’ experience and result in significant costs for your business. Monitoring gives you the ability to see how your applications and all the interconnected parts of your infrastructure are performing at any given time. We can help you actively diagnose performance and accessibility problems across your estate to prevent outages and ensure your applications are running at peak performance.

Organisational Optimisation

In order to thrive in today’s competitive landscape, your business needs to adopt ways of working that help you to collaborate effectively, respond quickly to opportunities, and speed up innovation cycles. We can help you achieve business agility by applying agile and lean principles to foster organisational, technological, and cultural change towards an agile state.

Transaction Advisory

As the technology landscape continues to evolve, Private Equity and corporate buyers need to thoroughly assess and understand the technology operations of the companies they are buying to ensure that they are able to support the investment strategy. To support your transactions we provide independent, commercially-focused assessments of a target or vendor's technology platforms and operations. 

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