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From Fragmented To A Seamless Connected Care Experience

In a digitally-enabled present a connected and secure-first approach is becoming essential both for healthcare systems users and those who work with them. Organisations across the Healthtech industry are trying to enhance their business’ adaptability by driving technological and customer interaction model changes, without impacting their quality of care and profitability.

With a shift towards a preventative care model in which everyone has the tools to monitor their health in real time through a pocket-sized device, an effective user experience, data security, as well as 24/7 system availability are essential in remaining competitive in a preventive, personalised value-based care model.


The Endava team has been supporting our business for more than five years. 100 percent commitment and a fast reaction time in case of certain problems or peaks are just a few things we appreciate in our partnership with the team. Every developer is anticipating instead of simply following a specification which shows a high level of identification with our product.“

CEO, Vitaliberty


We Understand The Challenges Faced By Businesses In The Current Care Ecosystem

Endava is able to make the correct interpretation between business wishes and IT possibilities, Endava teams have a good cultural fit and care about delivering a great project together, and not “only doing their thing”", Ramon Schrama, Software Development Manager / Project Manager Famed.

That are at the beginning of a large scale technology transformation, needed to solve pressing issues around interoperability, security, paperless programmes, remote monitoring, decision support, patient engagement models and wearable devices, with a strong, digital-first focus.

Trying to respond to change while dealing with a lengthy process, rigid legacy systems or missing the systems that would allow them to effectively leverage the large volume of data within the business.

Struggling to quickly adapt to high-impact changes in their business model but are lacking the technical capability required to absorb change.

We Help You Make A Difference

Within the Healthtech IT (HIT) sector we are a trusted IT delivery partner to Organisations in the Personal and Care Tech space, designing, delivering and supporting applications that interact with Patients, Providers and Payers.

Through our Agile Transformation, Digital Evolution and Automation solutions, we deliver real change, enhance the ability to stay compliant and be at the forefront of market trends, providing payers, providers and patients with simple, effective and secure healthcare systems and platforms.

By understanding the ever changing needs of your customers within the healthcare ecosystem we enable you to innovate, prioritise and deliver enhanced features and improved services.

Our Approach

With modularity and scalability in mind we create, optimise, design, build and operate the healthcare systems and platforms that help you change and add new features quickly while enhancing their quality in a continuous manner.

Through a blend of specific industry and strong technical expertise we ensure a robust delivery that enables you to maximise the use of your existent systems landscape, whilst introducing new best of breed platforms and technologies.

We provide compelling digital experience and introduce innovative interaction models that are future proof for the industry’s care anywhere and secure agenda.

We’ve already delivered success for:

Payer organisations by enabling the digital multi-channel enterprise platforms for financial administration, billing and claims processes; revamping of self-service portals and path to purchase journeys as well as enabling channel agnostic personalised marketing content distribution to their audience.

Patient focused initiatives that offer mobile solutions for chronic disease management, platforms that capture vital signs from medical devices and wearables with rich data analytics and expert systems that offer advice to improve health outcomes.

Provider organisations by enabling informed healthcare decisions based on an aggregated platform for pricing and quality based data; employees focused population health management portal; Electronic Patient Record solutions and tools for supporting FHIR standards framework implementation.

Recent News

  • 30 August 2021

    Endava helps travel and hospitality to reopen safely in Slovenia with development of COVID-19 Certificate app

  • 22 June 2021

    Deutsche Bahn and Endava provide new video-on-demand offering on ICE trains

  • 27 May 2021

    Endava recognised as Business Services Company of the Year and Employer of the Year in its category in Romania, as well as for its Wellbeing programme

  • 19 May 2021

    Endava opens its fourth office in Serbia, in Novi Sad, further investing in the local IT market

  • 10 May 2021


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From the digitalisation of patient records to fitness and meal trackers, the way we monitor our health is changing, moving out of the doctor’s waiting room and into our smartphones.

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