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Shaping the next wave of digital transformation

Digital transformation is impacting almost every industry and company in the world. But none more so than in the Broadcasting, Publishing, Music, Advertising, Entertainment and Sports industries where it is not just the discovery and access to the products and services that are being transformed through digital, but the actual media products themselves which are becoming digital. This is causing real disruption whilst opening the way for a multitude of new opportunities. 
Endava is a technology company with a wealth of experience in helping our clients navigate their way through this digital transformation.


We engaged Endava on a mission critical project with a quick ramp up cycle. Endava was able to spin up a skilled team, hit their projected timelines and provide a quality solution. We’ve now expanded our relationship to incorporate some of our core development, being delivered from one of Endava’s delivery units in Latin America, with similar results.”

Director of Publishing Applications Development, McClatchy

Media & Entertainment

We Understand The Challenges Faced By Businesses

The Media world has already agreed that digitalisation is critical to business growth but is experiencing confusion and frustration at the complexity of the journey.
The devices that are being used to access content are continually changing and many new business models are evolving, challenging existing media owners, and delivering huge opportunities.

We Help You Make A Difference

From digitalisation of complex infrastructures to enhanced personalisation, our simplified and agile solutions enable you to innovate around your digital operations and delight users with improved services.

We provide a range of services to our Media clients enabling them to:

 ■ Improve and extend exploitation of content by helping content owners and aggregators to re-purpose their content via video, web, mobile, as well as other challenger & future platforms like AR/VR, and to adapt business models to exploit these changes and protect their businesses

 ■ Get actionable insights from the vast quantities of data they have available aiming to increase loyalty, user satisfaction and profitability.

 ■ Optimise and automate the processes in order to drive costs down while increasing the number of products and services they offer.


Meet industry Challenges for years to come

We combine an enterprise computing heritage with digital experience, and have developed a knowledge-sharing culture which enables us to easily generate value and competitive solutions for a wide range of media segments: News & Book Publishing, TV Distribution and Advertising, Film & Music, Advertising Agencies, Sports and Entertainment, Gaming and Gambling.

Endava has successfully delivered services for companies in Media including:

 ■ Implementing critical platforms to support a major U.S News Group in moving from a print centric to a digital centric business, while transforming the digital productivity.
 ■ Enabling a global music label to deliver technology management solutions to enhance the way producers create media collections.
 ■ Simplifying applications estates and enhancing cost-effectiveness through a comprehensive cloud migration strategy for a major UK publisher, with over 200 national and regional titles.

Recent News

  • 30 August 2021

    Endava helps travel and hospitality to reopen safely in Slovenia with development of COVID-19 Certificate app

  • 22 June 2021

    Deutsche Bahn and Endava provide new video-on-demand offering on ICE trains

  • 27 May 2021

    Endava recognised as Business Services Company of the Year and Employer of the Year in its category in Romania, as well as for its Wellbeing programme

  • 19 May 2021

    Endava opens its fourth office in Serbia, in Novi Sad, further investing in the local IT market

  • 10 May 2021


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Media & Entertainment

What’s next?

From enhanced user personalization to integration of virtual and augmented reality, discover the 5 trends shaping the future of Media.

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Enhanced cost-effectiveness through a Cloud migration strategy

Success Story

Enhanced cost-effectiveness through a Cloud migration strategy

Supporting a digital publisher in achieving 2.5+ million cost savings per annum

Success Story

Supporting a digital publisher in achieving 2.5+ million cost savings per annum

Transforming Digital Productivity for a Major US News Publisher

Success Story

Transforming Digital Productivity for a Major US News Publisher

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